From the HOD's desk

Name : Dr. Sumit Som

Designation: Associate Professor & Head

Phone Number : 7003212922



The first year engineering program plays a pivotal role in shaping the aspirant students into successful engineers. All budding engineers joining the Institute are greeted by the Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities (BSH) in their first year UG program. As students come from diverse socio-cultural background, it becomes a need for our department to mentor and nurture each student accordingly yet maintain the sensitivity in them.

Technology changes very rapidly, whereas the underlying Science, changes (if at all) gradually. Our understanding is that, students with a sound knowledge of the fundamentals can easily adapt to the rapid advances in technology. The Department has therefore always remained true to its vision of 'creating a secure and stable bedrock' for the growth of skillful future engineers. The courses offered in the first year, though common to all branches, essentially lay a strong foundation and impart basic skills of communication and teamwork. The education imparted to our students in their first year is the basis of a life time of learning.

The outcome based teaching-learning methodology used by our members is aimed at boosting the students' critical thinking ability and analyzing skills. In addition, we actively encourage the development of the students' creative skills by regularly organizing events and extra-curricular activities beyond the routine classes. I am confident that this holistic approach will enable our students to efficiently handle the challenges ahead of them.

I extend my best wishes to my entire team and all dear students.