Members of BSH

Name: Dr. Sumit Som

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: Ph.D (Science) from JU, M.Sc. (Physics) from CU

Specialization: Gravitation & Cosmology, High Energy Physics

Experience: 14 years in academics

Associations-& Achievements: Head of the Department, Member-Academic Council, Student Welfare Coordinator; Member of Governing Body; NBA Coordinator

No. of Publications: Number of Research Papers in international conference & journal: 4


Name: Dr. Bikas Chandra Bhui

Designation: Professor

Qualification: Ph.D (Science) & M.Sc (Math) from JU, B.Ed and PGDCA 

Specialization: Operations Research & Study of Cosmological Phenomena, Topological defects in four and Higher Dimensional Space-Time.

Experience: More than 3 years IT experiences in software development/ Implementation, 15 years teaching experience and 10 years research experience

Associations-& Achievements: Controller (Examination and University Affairs)

No. of Publications: Number of Research Papers in international journal: 15 & Number of published books: 14 

Name: Dr. Jayita Pal

Designation: Associate  Professor

Qualification: Ph.D from CU, Post Doctoral Fellow from University Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia

Specialization: Nano science and Nano Technology

Experience: Teaching: 21 yrs, Research: 18 yrs

Associations-& Achievements: Member of International Journal Reviewer Committee, member of Training Placement cell, MSIT

No. of Publications: International journals: 08 (last two years), 2 book chapter contribution.


Name: Shahana Sengupta

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics

Specialization: Functional Analysis and topology

Experience: 18 years in Academics

Associations-& Achievements: Chairperson of Anti Sexual Harrassment Committee, MSIT, Joint Cordinator of Mentoring Cell, MSIT, Member of Greivance Cell, MSIT, TIC of Rotaract Club Of MSIT, Member of Anti-ragging Committee, MSIT.


Name: Dr. Debasish De

Designation: Associate  Professor

Qualification: Ph.D, IIT Kharagpur, Post Doctoral Fellow from University of Twente, Netherland

Specialization: Organic Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry

Experience: 10 years in Academic, 1 year in Industry and 12 Years in Research

Associations-& Achievements: CSIR -Senior Research Fellow Ship Award 2003. Former Member of American Chemical Society, At Present engaged in Clean Energy Research as a Principal Investigator of CERI-DST Project (1.42 crore)

No. of Publications: 25 Research Publications, 3 books, 2 Patent


Name: Sarmee Bose

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc in Applied Mathematics from Jadavpur University , B.Sc from St.Xavier's College,Calcutta University .

Specialization: Astrophysics and Cosmology

Experience: 14yrs in Academics

Associations-& Achievements: Departmental Coordinator - BSH ,Counselor Coordinator - MSIT , Member of NAAC , Resource person of BSH in Institutional Website Committee, Class coordinator of B.Tech 1st year students.

No. of Publications: 02


Name: Dr. Subrata Kumar Debnath

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc in Applied Mathematics, M.Phil, Ph.D (Science) from CU

Specialization: Applied Mathematics, Applied Geophysics, Theoretical Seismology, Astrophysics, Special theory of Relativity, General theory of Relativity, Cosmology.

Experience: Academic: (Taught in the department of Mathematics, St. Xavier's college, kolkata from 2005 to 2009) 13 years, Research: 12 years (M.Phil and Ph.D)

Associations-& Achievements: Life Time member of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, Life Time member of Calcutta Mathematical Society, Kolkata,Member of Eoropean Geosciences Union,Germany, Best paper Award, 16 In the International Conference at Goa.

No. of Publications: 11 international papers, 4 books.


Name: Dr. Sayan Das

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph.D (IIEST), M.Sc. (Chemistry, BU)

Specialization: Organic Chemistry

Experience: 11 years in Academics, 7 years in Research

Associations-& Achievements: Associated with DST-GOI, CERI-GOI, MNRE-GOI funded projects running in this Institute. Best Paper award at 98th-ISC.

No. of Publications: 19


Name: Dr. Sukhendu Jana

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: PhD (IIEST), M.Sc. in Physics from CU. 

Specialization: Nanomaterials, DLC, Renewable Energy, Sensor , etc. 

Experience: 16 years in Academics, 12 Years in Research

Associations-& Achievements: 

No. of Publications: International Journal and Conference: 24 & Edited Book Chapters: 2 , Patent - 1 (Applied).  


Name: Sanchita Dutta

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.A. in English from the University of Calcutta

Specialization: Ancient European Literature & Gender Studies

Experience: 13 years in Academics

Associations-& Achievements: Head Convener And Faculty Editor of College Magazine committee, Mentor of B.Tech 1st year Students, Content editor College Website Develo[pment Committee, Participated in various State level, National And International Seminars on ELT. Published papers on ELT topics in various journals of repute.

No. of Publications: 5


Name: Dr. Sk Mosiur Rahaman

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from JU, B.Ed from CU, M.Sc from JU, B.Sc from JU

Specialization: Galactic Dark Matter, Star Modelling & Wormhole Physics, Subjects: Linear Algebra, Graph theory & Functional analysis

Experience: 11 years in Academics since 2011, 4 years in Research

Associations-& Achievements: 6 years experience as a WBUT examiner. Ex. Member of Examination Committee of WBUT Semester Examination at MSIT, Ex. Member of time table Committee of internal practical examination at MSIT, Dept. routine committee member

No. of Publications: 5


Name: Mrs. Keka Biswas

Designation:  Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc in Physics from The University of Burdwan , B.Sc from Midnapore College,Vidyasagar University

Specialization: Radio Physics & Electronics

Experience: 10 years in Academics

Associations-& Achievements: Class coordinator (for 1st year students), member of sports committee at MSIT, member of displinary commmitee, Mentor for 1st year students, National merit scholarship awarded in 2003, Member of Cross Departmental Program Implementation Support Team ( CDPIST ). 


Name: Shreya Sarkar

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.PHIL in English from CU, English from CU, B.A.(Hons) in English from CU.


Experience: 10 Years in Academics (Teaching), 3 Years in Research.

Associations-& Achievements: Class coordinator of B.Tech 1st year section, Departmental member of NPTEL, Mentor of a B.Tech 1st year section of students, Editor of Pandora’s Box (college ) wall magazine, Content editor of College Website Development Committee, BSH departmental library In – charge, Associated with two primary national literary magazines, Participated in various State level, National and International Seminars and presented papers at National and International Seminars.

No. of Publications: International Journal: 1, National Refereed Journals: 2, National Level book chapter publication: 1


Name: Sananda Chandra

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.A English literature(Rabindra Bharati University), B.A English literature( Calcutta University)

Specialization: Gender and Literature, Indian Writing in English and in English Translation

Experience: 4 years in Academics

Associations-& Achievements: Class Coordinator of a section of B.Tech 1st year, Member of MAR (Mandatory Additional Requirements) committee, Editor of the Wall Magazine (Pandora's Box) of BSH department, Admin of the facebook page of BSH Department.


Name: Somik Mandal 

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc in Statistics from Ballygunge Science College, B.Sc in Statistics from Presidency College 

Specialization: Multivariate Regression,Reliability,Stochastic Process 

Experience: 6 years in Academics 

Associations & Achievements: Ex Departmental coordinator(B.Sc in Data Sc.) in previous college, Mentor of 1st year students(MSIT), Ex. member of the Examination cell in previous college, 6 years experience of MAKAUT as an Examiner 

No. of Publications: NA


Name: Pranab Das Choudhury

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc in Applied Mathematics from IIT Roorkee

Specialization: Operations Research, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Experience: 9 years in Academics

Associations & Achievements: Class coordinator of 1st year B.Tech students (MSIT), Mentor of 1st year students, Member of Sports committee (MSIT), Ex. member of Examination cell in previous colleges, 5 years experience of MAKAUT as an Examiner, Students Aid and Loan fund scholarship during 2010-12 by IIT Roorkee.

No. of Publications: 01


Name: Dr. Anjan Roy

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph.D. from IIT Bombay, M.Tech., M.Sc.

Specialization: • Remote Sensing with Optical and Hyperspectral Satellite Images and GIS.

• Application of Geoinformatics to Climate Change, Hydrology and Forest Cover Monitoring.

Experience: 1.5 Years Teaching Experience, 8.5 Years Research Experience

Associations & Achievements: 

• Reviewer in 2020 of “Applied Geomatics”, a peer reviewed International Journal; Springer Publication.

• Reviewer in 2017 of “IEEE JSTARS by IEEE Geosciences and Remote Sensing Society (an important and top-class peer reviewed International Journal in the field of Geosciences and Remote Sensing, Impact Factor - 2.57).

• Reviewer in 2017 of “Asian Geographer” a peer reviewed International Journal; Taylor & Francis Publication.

• Former Research Associate at CSRE, IIT Bombay.

• Awarded MHRD research fellowship from IIT Bombay.

• Awarded a scholarship from the “ project” in one of the Eight European Universities in the consortium for an exchange research student for six (6) months Ph.D. exchange p.rogram under “Erasmus Mundus” (European Commission´s) during October 2014 – April 2015, Department of Environment and Planning, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

• Awarded contribution towards participation and present a paper at the “2014 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS 2014)” in Quebec City, Canada.

• Awarded student travel grant from “2nd WCRP CORDEX South Asia and ICIMOD” to participate in “The 2nd WCRP CORDEX South Asia Science and Training Workshop in South Asia, during August 27-30 2013, Kathmandu, Nepal.

No. of Publications: International Journal and Conference: 5, National Conference:1


Name: Dr. Subhra (Basak) Roy 

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: PhD, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 

Specialization: Organic Chemistry (in M. Sc.) Co-ordination Chemistry (PhD)

Experience: 17 years in Academic, 3 Years in Research 

Associations & Achievements: Joint CSIR-UGC, Lectureship (NET) in Chemical Sciences, 2004

No. of Publications: 6 (All in International SCI Journals)